Employee Training and Development

EPDAD - Öğretmenlik Eğitim Programları Değerlendirme ve Akreditasyon Derneği

Employee Training and Development

EPDAD - Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs
Employee Training and Development
27 January 2020 Monday

EPDAD is one of the accreditation bodies with the most knowledgeable and experienced executives and evaluators in quality assurance and accreditation thanks to the relevant academics working in the broad academic field of educational sciences. This is a major advantage for EPDAD because this vocational background provides readiness and accelerates, facilitates, and maintains learning in evaluator training. Another factor that makes EPDAD advantageous is that some of its executives and evaluators were involved in activities to build a Teacher Education Accreditation System from 1999 to 2001. The faculty members who were involved in the system design, the development of the standards and the evaluation process, and the pilot studies as part of this project worked for EPDAD as members and evaluators of the Board of Directors and EFAK (Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education). They contributed greatly to the building of the system.

The Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (THEQC) and national accreditation bodies, which have been involved in the process of continuous development since 2015, played a positive role in the development of EPDAD’s executives and evaluators in the field of quality assurance and accreditation. Most of EPDAD’s evaluators are also the evaluators of the THEQC and participate in its training programs.

In addition, EPDAD received support from experienced accreditation bodies in the first years of its educational activities. The experienced evaluators of these bodies were assigned as supervisors during field visits. Annual meetings organized to exchange information and experience by national accreditation bodies also contributed to the development of EPDAD.

EPDAD encourages participation in national and international educational and scientific activities in order to improve the quality of human resources. In this regard, the International Teacher Education and Accreditation Congress (ITEAC), which has been annually organized by EPDAD since 2017, offers an important learning opportunity for EPDAD’s executives, evaluators, and employees.