Accreditation Activities

EPDAD - Öğretmenlik Eğitim Programları Değerlendirme ve Akreditasyon Derneği

Accreditation Activities

EPDAD - Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs
Accreditation Activities
25 January 2020 Saturday

The accreditation process and program evaluation activities carried out by EPDAD are summarized below:


5 Months Prior F A The Faculty shall establish the Faculty Accreditation Coordination Unit to prepare the accreditation application and coordinate the subsequent process.
F A It shall apply to EPDAD with a letter specifying the programs that it determined to be accredited.
4 Months Prior E P The programs to be evaluated by EPDAD and the program to be implemented shall be notified to the Faculty. The annex of the letter shall include the action plan and schedule to be implemented.
F A The faculty shall start writing the self-evaluation report and preparing the required documents.
E F EFAK shall the leader and members of the team. The team leader shall arrange a preliminary visit to the faculty.
3 Months Prior V T The team leader shall confirm the team’s participation in the visit and assign tasks to the team.
2 Months Prior V T The leader of the team shall send a letter or a team member to contact the faculty in order to confirm the preliminary visit and the support to be provided to the team by the faculty’s accreditation coordinator during the visit.
F A The faculty’s accreditation coordinator shall send a letter to the team about administrative issues, such as transportation, accommodation, computer support, and the location of the first meeting and the dinner.
1 Month Prior F A The faculty shall send the self-evaluation report to the leader of the team, who shall send it to the members of the team.
2 Weeks Prior V T The team leader or a team member shall make the preliminary visit.
  V T Details are given in Section 5 of the Manual.
1 Week After V T The team leader shall send the draft report to the team for feedback.
2 Weeks After V T The team leader shall send the report revised in light of the feedback to the relevant EPDAD unit (Consistency Commission).
3 Weeks After V T The team leader shall send the report revised again in line with the proposal of the relevant EPDAD unit to the Dean’s Office for the confirmation of the information in the report and the correction of any mistakes.
4 Weeks After F A The Dean shall submit his/her comments and the corrections, if any, to the leader of the team in writing.
5 Weeks After V T The team leader shall send the final report to the Dean’s Office and EPDAD.
6 Weeks After F A The Dean’s Office will notify the team’s response to the report to EPDAD and the captain of the team.
8 Weeks After E P

EFAK, the relevant EPDAD unit, shall review the report and submit its final proposal to the Board of Directors of EPDAD.

9 Weeks After
(At the Latest)
E P The Board of Directors of EPDAD shall make a decision.
EPDAD shall notify its decision to the Dean’s Office and send a copy of the decision to the Rector and the visiting team.

Abbreviations: FA: Faculty, EP : EPDAD, VT: Visiting Team, EF: EFAK
(*) The “Time” intervals specified in the table indicate the maximum durations. They may be changed based on the workload of EPDAD and the availability to be identified during the preliminary visit. EFAK will make the final decision on this matter.