EPDAD - Öğretmenlik Eğitim Programları Değerlendirme ve Akreditasyon Derneği


EPDAD - Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs
10 August 2019 Saturday

Self Evaluation Report and Preparation

The self-evaluation report shall be prepared according to the format below under the supervision of the Dean’s Office of the faculty to be visited. It must be no longer than 10 pages, excluding annexes.

The report must be prepared in 12-point Times New Roman with single line spacing and margins of 2.5 cm on both sides, and it must be printed on single-sided A4 paper. Ten copies of the report must be submitted. It must not be stapled or bound.

The weaknesses identified by the faculty and its future plans to overcome these weaknesses are explained in the “evaluation” section at the end of each section in Part B of the report given below.

In the event that certain programs offered by the faculty are to be visited, only information about the programs to be visited is to be provided in sections 1, 3, 4, and 5 in Part B of the report.

Click here for detailed information about the Self-Evaluation Report.
Click here for the EPDAD Teacher Education Program Self-Evaluation Report (PDF).